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Ski-Doo Customization

Ski-Doo Customization

One of the things new snowmobile owners look forward to the most is customizing their sled. Whether it’s based on work around your property or enhancing the ride quality, sleds are endlessly customizable. With so many options available, you can modify your snowmobile to perfectly suit your specific needs. Maybe you want to install some protective pieces that match the color scheme you want. Maybe you need a winch to make your sled a powerful hauling machine. No matter what you need your sled for, it can be modified. Here are several ways in which you can make your sled one of a kind.

  1. Make Protection A Priority: Boosting the safety equipment on your sled will benefit you and the snowmobile itself. Cosmetic damage can happen fairly easily if you ride weekly, but it can be prevented (at least a bit). Installing a front and rear bumper will stand in the way of your sled and other objects, offsetting the change of surface and more serious damage. Depending on the depth of snow and terrain you’ll be riding on this season, different types of track can be found to get the best grip possible. Protection while riding is a huge factor as well. You can make smaller changes like installing handguards and a larger windshield, or even place a chassis reinforcement on your sled. You can strengthen your running board with tunnel reinforcements and protect railing with rail reinforcements. Adding protective gear to your snowmobile will make your outing much more enjoyable and safer.

  2. Gear Up for Work Efficiency: Using your sled for working purposes like hauling or towing? Hitches and winches can easily be installed into your model, allowing you to get jobs done efficiently. Plus, these are great to have should a friend ever be in need. If you’re going to be away from home for the majority of the day with your sled, install a fuel caddy to quickly gas up when you’re running low. If you’ll be working into the night, LED lights are a fantastic addition. You can find auxiliary LED lights as well as options made for handguards. Just a few additions can make a huge impact on your day to day tasks.

  3. Make Your Sled More Intuitive: Make your snowmobile as comfortable and easy to use as possible with smart upgrades. Some of these include adjustable risers, which allow you to lower or raise your handlebars to best suit the riding style needed (standing versus seated). Things like knee pads, toe-hold kits, and footrests will all make the difference in your comfort level. Even the seats can be customized, with heated options to keep yourself warm and others with a backrest to prevent an aching back. Prevent as much soreness the next day by making smart changes to your snowmobile according to your personal needs. If you’d like a bit more technology on your sled, GPS kits can be installed to make trips easier (though you should have a paper map of the area just in case). There are also many different storage options that can be installed onto the sled to hold your loose and fragile items. These can be mounted to the dashboard, seat, glovebox, handlebars, or sides of the sled.

  4. Upgrade Stock Performance: Stock is good, but making solid upgrades is better. You can tweak the handling of your snowmobile by updating the suspension system with new shocks, shock protectors, remote coupler block adjusters, and entire suspension kits. Tunnel ice scratchers will greatly help cool the sled when riding in icy conditions. Specially made carbides will give you the cornering power and control you need. If you’re finding that water is getting into your sled more than it should, upgrade the grille for a prefiltered kit that will keep snow and moisture out. If you’re aiming for competitive performance, making upgrades like these will propel you to the competitive level.

  5. Achieve A Look You Love: We all want our snowmobiles to look awesome, especially in action photos of us moving through deep snow or cruising down slopes. Many of the parts used to upgrade sleds are brightly colored, so matching your desired color scheme will be easy. The wheels can be swapped out for ones that better suit your preference, as well as slider shoes, skis, shock protectors, skid plates, snow flaps, and so much more. You’ll find all of these in a spectrum of color options to create that perfect look while also making quality upgrades in protection and performance. You can even find tons of great decals to personalize your snowmobile with—Ski-Doo offers several different decal packs to make your sled stand out.

You can find all of these part upgrades in the colors you love right here at Ski-Doo Parts Nation!