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How to Clean Your Snowmobile

How to Clean Your Snowmobile

When you own a snowmobile, it comes with a great deal of maintenance to make your investment last as long as possible. After a long trip, your sled may be due for a thorough cleaning. When done correctly, the snowmobile will continue to both look and run great. Here is a breakdown on how to clean your snowmobile.

  1. Dirt and Debris Removal: The first thing you should do before getting into the nooks and crannies of your sled is blow away dirt and debris with an air compressor. From front to back, blow air under the hood, around the clutches, and on the rear suspensions. Be sure to be mindful while doing this, so as to not damage sealed areas.

  2. Clutches: Now, you’ll want to address the clutches. Remove the retaining belt to blow off each one of them to start. Once loose particles have been removed, scrub them with a quality nylon brush, a scotch bright pad, and Ski-Doo Pulley Flange Cleaner. This cleaner is great for quickly removing grime, residue, grease, and other debris. You can also opt for acetone (or soap) and water. With these, you’ll need to ensure the grease is totally removed, which may take a little more work on your end.

  3. Engine and Under the Hood: The engine should only really be cleaned if it appears very soiled. Pull some latex gloves on to avoid the headache of getting grease off your hands. Cover all the electronic elements around the engine that water could damage with plastic. Use a good engine cleaner and apply it all over. If needed, you can gently scrub the solution in. Rinse the engine with water. Ensure all other parts under the hood are clear of grease with an engine degreaser spray. When everything is dry, don’t forget to re-grease the suspension and steering parts.

  4. Carburetors: If you aren’t comfortable taking the carburetors apart yourself, it may be best to ask a professional for help. Taking them out can be a challenging task! Otherwise, if you know how to remove them from your sled, make sure to handle the main body parts of the carburetors with care, using only an air compressor and carburetor cleaner.

  5. Tunnel: Clean this by simply applying a tunnel cleaner and allowing it to sit for a few minutes. Use a brush to scrub the tunnel and then wipe it down. You can also use a metal polish to make the tunnel look shiny and new again.

  6. Tracks and Skis: Simply blow air throughout these to rid them of debris.

  7. Wash and Polish your Sled: Now, you can wash the body of your snowmobile as you normally would with soap and water. For protection about dirt and grime, polish it with a non-petroleum based product. After this, your sled will be ready for the next adventure!